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sdWe had a night flight from Detroit to San Diego that arrived into San Diego at about 10pm.  Landing in San Diego is always a challenge because there is high terrain on the approach corridor.  We have to fly a steeper than normal glide path on descent to stay at a safe distance from the terrain, and to keep from doing a touch and go off of the parking deck immediately adjacent to the runway [why they allowed the parking deck to be built there baffles me].

At any rate, if there is lousy weather, a lot of rain and/or wind, it can be a pretty challenging approach.  Fortunately for us, it was a stunningly gorgeous evening as we descended into San Diego.  We could see the lights of the city from beyond the coastal mountains as well as the lights of El Centro to the south and Los Angeles to the northwest.  Flying on nights like this hardly seems like a job at all, more like a present that is to be absorbed and appreciated.

When I woke up in the morning, I went for a run along San Diego Bay and got to this park just as the sun was rising. Sometimes I wonder why I live in Michigan…

At about this same time, this song came up on my playlist:

You can’t buy mornings like this at any price, they are just a gift.