A Man Called Ove – Part 1

I stumbled across this book while browsing in my favorite bookstore in the whole world (Powell’s in Portland).  It is a magical gem.

The book starts out following the main character, Ove.  He appears to be a typical old manly, curmudgeon who insists on doing everything his own way (because it’s the correct way, of course!).

“While his proper cup of coffee was brewing, he put on his navy blue trousers and jacket, stepped into his wooden clogs, and shoved his hands in his pockets in that particular way of a middle-aged man who expects the worthless world outside to disappoint him.”

Ove meets a cat.  Ove doesn’t like cats:

“The cat sat with nonchalant expression in the middle of the footpath that ran between the houses.  It had half a tail and only one ear.  Patches of fur were missing here and there as if someone had pulled it out in handfuls.  Not a very impressive cat.”

Is Ove the curmudgeon he appears to be?  What will become of the ugly cat?

Stay tuned because Fredrik Backman (the author) has some surprises in store for the reader.



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