Riding the Apple Cider Century

Cherie and I completed the Apple Cider Century yesterday.  It is a beautiful ride through the rolling hills of southwest Michigan.  They have rides of 12, 25, 37, 50, 62, 75, and 100 miles.  Cherie hadn’t done a century yet this year, so we went for the whole shebang.  There are 5500ish riders in total for the ride so lots of people and lots of bikes and routes this way and that through the countryside.

I’m most impressed with the people who are trying something really hard for them: the guy doing 25 miles on a hand cycle, the young lady doing 50 on a “comfort” bike—which isn’t very comfortable over 50 miles, the 50ish lady doing 100 miles on a mountain bike—try it, you’ll see what I mean.  People really are amazing sometimes.

Cherie and I like to ride and doing something difficult (no matter how you slice it, 100 miles via a bicycle is difficult) and accomplishing it is fun, if somewhat painful.  We drove home exhausted but happy.

This is the joy of physical accomplishment.  It is a good joy, a God-given joy.  He gave us the desire, ability, and opportunity to do stuff like this.  We are thankful and grateful that we can.


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