How God Rolls


My pastor and his wife are off to Cuba on a missions trip this weekend.  I was in his office this morning and he commented that he had a new translator in Cuba [this is his second trip].  He asked the translator if he wanted anything from America.  The man responded that he’d always wanted a cowboy hat.  My pastor said that he was off to Tom’s Western Store to see if he could get him one.

The week before I’d come across my poor, neglected, awesome, cowboy hat in my closet.  It is essentially brand new.  I don’t think I ever wore it outside! I love horses.  I love being around horses.  I love working with them.  I love riding them.  Unfortunately, I have no horses.  So Sad.  I was lamenting the lack of opportunity my cowboy hat had to get out and—you know—get worn.

I told my pastor about my poor, neglected, cowboy hat.  The translator’s head was 20″ in circumference, so I drove home thinking, “wouldn’t it be a God-thing if my hat was 20 inches?”  Got home.  Measured hat.  22 inches.  Bummer.

I texted my pastor saying that my hat was 22″ which is just too big if you’re head is 20 inches.  Wear that thing and it will spin around in a breeze like a little kid’s top.

My pastor texted back: “Oops.  I read his note wrong.  It is 22 inches.  Do you want to donate your hat?”

My hat will be off to Cuba this weekend to serve the Lord there.  I’m so happy that it will be used, loved, and appreciated in Cuba!

And that is how God rolls.


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