“The Light Between Oceans”


I have read few books that I simply could not put down which is why The Light Between Oceans is such a nice surprise.  The first book from London lawyer, M. L. Stedman.  One hopes that there are many more to come.

     Ms. Stedman writes with an engaging lyrical quality that somehow comes across as unpretentious which is a feat in itself.  I like nothing worse than an author who appears to write for the sake of the sheer awesomeness of the literary quality of their words and seems to forget that story is comprised of things like plot and characters.  
     A short summation of the storyline (without giving things away).  Tom and Izzy are a couple who live on isolated island off the coast of Australia operating a lighthouse.  Izzy has just had her third miscarriage—imagine the trauma—when a gift arrives in the form of a dead man in a small boat which also happens to contain a live baby.  The moral quandary of what to do and the choices that follow from Tom and Izzy drive the plot through the remainder of the book.
     The book—unlike so much of literature being written now, which is dark enough to depress even the most optimistic of us—is ultimately redemptive, painfully so, but isn’t that the point of redemption after all.  
     I quickly recommended the book to my wife, my brother, his daughter, my sister-in-law, and my Mom.  I don’t usually do this.  The book is that good.
     Read immediately.  Thank me later.

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