“Dear Ladies of the World”

  Dear Ladies of the World:

     Do you want to make your man SUPER happy AND get something you really want for Christmas/birthday/Valentine’s Day [as opposed to a blender]?  Do your man a favor and fill out an Amazon wish list.  I know, I know, you want him to think of a romantic gift all on his own and you dropped all those obvious hints [short aside: Your man MISSED all those hints; all of them!  Every single, obvious one, okay.  Are we clear on this.  HINTS DON’T WORK WITH MEN. THEY WILL NOT GET YOUR HINTS].  
     There are several advantages to filling out an Amazon wish list [no, I don’t get paid by Amazon, and yes, if you can follow instructions you can add things from ANY web page to your wish list].
  • You will get a gift that you really want instead of the latest model of vacuum cleaner
  • You will save your man time, lots and lots of time. He will be grateful.
  • You will not be frustrated when you expect that really romantic gift on Christmas or your birthday [that you DROPPED SO MANY HINTS ABOUT] and instead you get an apron.
  • Your man will be pleased because you are pleased that he finally got you something you really wanted

  • But I won’t be surprised then! Answer: fill your list with MANY options, he will buy you one or two. Voila, quelle surprise! Otherwise, enjoy your new, handy DustBuster.
  • But he will just buy me the cheapest gift on the list [have you been talking to my wife?] That’s the beauty of the wish list. You control it. Don’t allow him to go cheap [hint: Your man would rather have some suggestions than save a little money, seriously!]

Result:  On your birthday or Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary, you will be happy and you WON’T have to return a BRAND NEW AWESOME DUSTBUSTER!

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