Sean Hannity: Republican Shill

I suppose it is no secret that I do not like the insufferable Sean Hannity.  Now I don’t like him even more.  Two days after the latest [losing] election and he has suddenly seen the light on immigration reform, which merely means that he figured out that verbally abusing part of the electorate that is naturally conservative is not a good way of winning elections.  75% of Latinos voted for Obama despite the fact that he was deporting them in record numbers.  Why?  Two reasons:  First, Obama wisely [which does not mean constitutionally] declared that children of illegal immigrants would not be deported and could work and go to school in this country.  This has always made sense to me.  Why penalize a child who had no choice in the actions of their parents?  [a path to citizenship for illegals has always made sense to me also, but that’s for another blog post].  Second, the Republican establishment led by the likes of Mr. Hannity and Mr. Romney were threatening to make it so difficult on illegal aliens that they would WANT to return to their country, which makes me wonder who the 25% of Latinos were that voted for Romney.

Now, however, two days after the election, Mr. Hannity has suddenly “evolved” on his position and supports a path to citizenship.  Ah, that good old conservative “big tent” just got a little bigger, not because they have any more compassion for illegals, but because they want to win elections! This just disgusts me.  Mr. Hannity is not driven by ideological change here, he is driven by pragmatic philosophy.  He does not care any more for illegals than he did last Monday, but he would like to use them to gain political power for his guys.  He is nothing more than a Republican shill.  I do not like shills, Democratic (think Ed Schultz and Paul Krugman) or Republican.


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