“Dear Debate Watchers…”

  Full disclosure: I didn’t watch the stupid, idiotic, predictable incredibly fascinating presidential debate. Like any Irishman worth his salt, that will not keep me from commenting on it.

•A news report said that according to an exhaustive and scientific poll, owners of XBOX 360’s said that President Obama won the debate.  That has me convinced because I’m SURE they were paying close attention.
•It takes the rest of the night for debate watchers to find out what the participants said that was true and what they said that was false and/or exaggerated. Does that tell you anything about these debates? If it doesn’t then no doubt you are one of those political junkies who breathlessly wait for the latest bogus incredibly accurate poll and then explain it away if your guy is not in the lead.
•I love love love hate to be the one telling you this, but whether or not your guy wins, the direction of the country is not going to fundamentally change and your life will not get better or worse because of the elections [hint: it’s going to get worse, but we’ve already made those “choices” under Bush and then Obama. You can only turn the money gun on full auto for a limited amount of time before you run out of ammo (Ben “Let me drop cash from helicopters” Bernanke notwithstanding.  Think Greece. Think unemployment. Think Day of Reckoning).
Best wishes. Your friend,

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