Dancing with Sam

That’s my daughter in the blue dress to the right.  She loves to dance and she’s pretty good at it.  I’m actually in the picture too, way off to the back right.  I love to dance. I tell everyone that I really do have moves like Jagger, hahaha.
When Sam was growing up we started going to Daddy/Daughter dances when she was in the 3rd grade…or maybe 2nd. The first one was a disaster because I had to leave early for work. The rest were super fun.  We both had a great time and of course danced better than any other couple!
Sam’s grown up now so no more Daddy/Daughter dances for us, but they are memories I’ll cherish until my dying day.  She’s always been a great sport and never embarrassed to dance with her daddy, well maybe once—the infamous Chicken Dance—which we can laugh about now. 
Thanks for the great memories, Sam.  Hopefully some day God will grant you a super fantastic daughter who will enjoy dancing with her daddy.

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