12 February 2012

A day off!  I rode MARTA up to Buckhead to go to church at Northpoint Community’s campus there.  They meet in a theater with two levels that must sit a thousand or so and it was full, with a second service to come at 11 am.  It was what you would expect from a mega church…for all their size they all seem to do church about the same way:  A pretty good (and loud) worship band, with low auditorium lights and spotlights on the worship band.  It makes for a good musical experience, but the amped up band is usually so loud that you can hardly even hear the person next to you singing which is unfortunate.  Some of my most emotional experiences of worship have been when I’ve sung along with the collective voices of a great crowd AND BEEN ABLE TO HEAR THEM.

Andy Stanley started a new topical series on not comparing ourselves to others. The first message was from Ecclesiastes.  It was good.  At the end he asked a series of questions for us to take away and thing about during the week.  Perhaps the most probing was:  “Is there someone that you secretly wish would fail, or would be cut down a notch or two?”

I rode the train back and head for Barnes and Noble to study for my written exam tomorrow.  After that I went home and spent a lazy day in the room, some reading, some watching Netflix (interesting bio of John J. Audubon), stuff like that.


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