25 December 2011

We left Aruba at 13.40 yesterday afternoon.  It was a gorgeous day there; in the ’80’s with typical sea breezes.  Aruba is very close to Venezuala, perhaps 20 miles or so, and actually a little bit further south than the northernmost point in South America.  It is a small island that was originally used to raise horses to be used on the larger and more habitable island of Curacao.  Aruba has no natural water so literally all of its water comes from a giant desalination plant.  It is not a very picturesque place; I imagine most of its beauty is hidden beneath the surface of the ocean.  It’s warm and sunny in winter though!

We flew north over the Domincan Republic and then up the Bahamas, touching land in the U. S. at Wilmington, NC.  The Dominican Republic has some very rugged mountains reaching up to 10,200 feet, which kind of surprised me.  I didn’t realize they were that high.  The island was mostly clear when we flew over, so we had a great view of the varied terrain from ocean beaches to mountains in the Dominican Republic.  Further to the west and part of the same island is Haiti; it looks the same from the air, but of course is much different than the Dominican Republic politically and economically.

We landed to a nice day in New York City a little earlier than scheduled which is nice because it happens so little at La Guardia. 

Today we will leave shortly after 1400 for MSP and then fly on to SNA.  Too bad we won’t be there long enough to see mom and dad.


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