Pondering the Sands of Time

I’m hanging out at a Starbucks in San Diego, this morning before heading out to Cincinnati at 11 am, pondering the passing of the sands of time (yeah, I know, even though I don’t write on this blog much, when I do I seem obsessed with this, don’t I?).

Time hangs heavy these days. I’m closer to 80 than I am 20 (now there’s a scary thought). I have begun to see the passing of people that I followed growing up, Bubba Smith died yesterday, great football player, but his time is finished. He was 66.
The longer I live, I suppose by odds, the less likely that Christ will return in my lifetime, which, let’s face it means that I, like virtually every human who has come before me, will die. Just so. This is not new; it is not remarkable; it is not even newsworthy; it simply is.
I’m realistic enough to know and understand that, with the exception of the very few people in my circle of influence, family, friends, church, no one will know or care that I lived once, heck, they don’t even care now! Hahaha… I am fine with all that as well; such is the nature of life.
What do I want to leave behind? Mostly, a legacy of pointing people to Christ, that is everything. Hopefully, my kids understand this; I know Cherie does. If my words hang around and are discovered 400 years from now, may they point people to what will undoubtedly already be around, the words of the Scriptures, for in them they (400 year youngers) will find eternal life. I’m good with leaving just that.
One of my Bible reading highlights last week was from Mark 13.37: “What I say unto you, I say unto all, Watch” (for Christ’s return). As I growled (meditated) on those words I asked myself the question, “But what if I watch all my life and die without the promise?” The answer came back: “Then encourage the next generation to watch.”
So if you are reading this 400 years from now in 2411! it’s by God’s grace that you have stumbled upon these words. You, dear reader, can do nothing more important than watching for Christ’s coming, Oh…and be prepared for it.

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