World Views Increasingly Separate

I have seen a couple of things this past week which point out how increasingly separated the Christian worldview is from the cultural worldview in which we live. First was the reaction to the case of a wrestler in Iowa who refused to wrestle a girl because of standards gained from his Christian worldview. The reaction from those who do not hold to Christian faith is pretty much expected, “Let the wrestling begin!” When I noticed a comment from a Christian who essentially (with pretty much lousy biblical support) argued: If Christ were that boy, he would have wrestled the girl. When Christians begin arguing this way, let it be known that we are in a world of hurt.

Second, I just watched a sad, stupid movie about relationships between guys and girls. I found myself watching it thinking, “Why would anyone want to be involved in this view of the world? Women spent the whole two hours desperately seeking men. Indeed, giving up their deepest heart needs in the process (presumably because a lousy man is better than no man at all). This works for you, ladies? You are good with it? Amazing.
This is what the modern world has wrought. It is a sad, disconnected, soul-crushing world. I am thankful for hope in Jesus Christ, otherwise I would live with despair.

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