12 January 2011

I just remembered that it was Dave White’s birthday yesterday. I need to call him.

We started out in FLL where we had the morning off. I did my devotions and then headed out to the pool to pray and read. Hey, I figure that as long as I’m praying I may as well do it in the sun by the pool for some added vitamin D therapy. It WAS a gorgeous pool with a waterfall. One of my goals for this year is to be more consistent in prayer for the Graham church family. Thanks to Johnny Schlaack I have a nice 2011 Graham church prayer guide that I’ve been using and so far (less than a week), I’ve been consistent.
We flew up to JFK, landed there an hour before sunset, hung around for a couple of hours, then flew back down to TPA. One of the things that struck me—and I’m not sure why it struck me yesterday—was that, as we flew back into Florida, I said to myself, “I just left here. Another day is gone. Tempus fugit.”
Time flies. It was a day of my life that I will not get back. Kind of a sobering thought. One of the things I need to do is live more purposefully and realize that time is as valuable a commodity as there is. What is behind you isn’t coming back. See it as precious.
Treat it as precious. Use it wisely.
Nothing I didn’t already know, but a good reminder.

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