4 January, 2011

A new year, my 51st on this earth, and tempus fugit.

I just finished 5 days of flying (2 different trips, I got to be home for 12 hours in between). I’ve been on the road all but three days between 24 December and today which is par for the course for me. Such is the life of a junior A320 captain around the holidays.
I did manage to fly a charter. We flew the Philadelphia Flyers from Detroit to Philly after they beat us 3-2, Commies! We then flew an empty plane from Philly to MSP, arriving at 2 am. The plane was empty except for the pilots, 2 flight attendants, and the charter coordinator. Those are fun, relaxing flights and there weren’t too many other aircraft in the sky late on a Sunday night. The night was mostly clear (except over Michigan naturally) so, even though we were tired, it was fun to be up flying. We feasted on the charter leftovers all the way to Minneapolis.
I flew a Milwaukee turn out of Minneapolis and then a deadhead leg from MSP to DTW to finish the trip. They replaced the expected aircraft with an A330 so there was a lot of empty seats available. I got to sit in a pair by myself which was nice because we had to deice in MSP and that took an extra 3o or 40 minutes.
Off until Sunday. We have an Elder/Deacon retreat Thurs-Sat and then I’m on call again Sunday, so I have time off….sort of. My gorgeous bride is coming in from DFW today at 1 pm. Matt will stay in Dallas for awhile with Badger and Kristen.

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