Lessons from 26 Years of Marriage

I posted this to John Shore’s blog, but thought I would preserve it:

Lessons from 26 years of marriage (to an awesome woman – who yesterday went and picked fresh blueberries and made me blueberry pie…yeah, she’s awesome):

1. Great relationships take hard work
2. Great relationships take compromise from both sides
3. The ability to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND the other person is probably the best glue to keep a great relationship great.
4. If your significant other is a nitwit before you get married, they will be a nitwit after you get married. Dump him/her and move on before you screw up your life.
5. The absolute worst person to try and have a great relationship with is a selfish person. Dump him/her BEFORE you get married and move on before you screw up your life.
6. It is VERY possible to turn a horrible relationship into a GREAT relationship, but takes commitment and effort from both people.
7. My wife is AWESOME, SWEET, FUN, and ADORABLE, and occasionally INCOMPREHENSIBLE.


2 responses

  1. You just have to love "hard work"!! Marriage is a paradox… hard and easy at the same time. Hard for me to get over being self focused and easy to love you! Loving the Lord and trusting Him makes all the difference. Blueberries and praline/pecan ice cream also helps!

  2. Ah yes, Blueberry pie and pecan ice cream!! You are the best!

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