18 December 2009

I got into SFO at about 9.45 pm last night…then the caliope music started. The transportation guys who were supposed to take us from SFO to OAK said that they had no record of us. I called Delta Crew Accommodations. They put me on hold. They called the transportation company. They talked. Eventually, it got sorted out. Now I’m wondering if they have room for us in the inn. I’m a little worried. Good thing. I call Crew Accommodations again. Kristie agrees to check. Oops…no record of you there either, but don’t worry, it’s all taken care of. Then I wonder if we have any transportation tomorrow night from the hotel to OAK to fly out the Washington Wizards. I call the transportation company. Nope. No record of you. I call Kristie again. She sorts it all out for me. Hopefully, they will be here to pick us up tonight. I’m a little skeptical.

A day off in Oakland for me before we fly OAK to PHX at 2300. I went to bed at midnight EST and was wide awake at 0410. Ugh…it’s going to be a long day. I’m not a very good pilot. Good pilots can sleep 8 hours any time, anywhere. Not me…

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