6 December 2009

Another day off for me. Yippee! Off to church, then I meet with Pat from Campus Life at 1 pm, and then evening church. It will be a busy day.

Yesterday was a day of accomplishing a lot around the house. I did some computer work in the morning, and then started in on the kitchen and bathrooms. After completing those I headed downstairs to clean Cujo’s cage and the downstairs. By the time I had all of that accomplished, it was time to watch the SEC championship between Alabama and Florida. Alabama kicked serious rear end. If they play like that in the BCS Championship, they will be national champions.
We headed off to Riverview church for their Saturday evening service. We are starting to go there from time to time because there are some girls from Laingsburg that we want to get involved in a church and the Saturday evening service at Riverview allows us to attend with them. Noel Haikkenen spoke on forgiveness. Other than the fact that he looked like he crawled out of bed after sleeping in his clothes and headed straight for the pulpit, the sermon was fine. LOL.
They do communion in a weird way. They have stations around the auditorium that you walk to and then just eat the bread and drink the grape juice when you get back to your seat. The music was excellent. Very good drummer.

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