18 Nov 2009

Swam this morning, but not very far. My shoulder is bothering me a little when I swim freestyle, so I did not do my normal 500 meter freestyle warmup. Just 150 meters of freestyle/breaststroke. Then I did 2 sets of 4×50 butterfly, back, breast, free. First time I’ve made 50 meters with my (pathetic) fly. By the time I’d finished the 2 sets I was cooked, muscle-wise. Glad to see I’m in such excellent shape approaching 50! Hahahahahaha.

Meeting with Tim Lambert this morning for lunch and continuing with our book One Heartbeat Away. Then I’ve got some shopping to do at Best Buy, then pick up Kelly and head home. Days off are so short.
Pondering evolution and special creation some this morning as I drove. Whatever else one says about the issue, stepping back and looking at the world and its diversity and obvious design, and then looking at the claims of evolution, I’m at a loss for words. Did we come from turnips, as Richard Dawkins states in his latest book? Hardly.

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