We arrived into SLC at 0200 this morning (15 Nov) which is 0400 EST, which means I was flying a redeye! It wasn’t too bad. My FO John Green, and I, had a good discussion on religion/evolution/Christianity on the flight out, so the time went by fairly quickly. John is quite opposed to Christianity and made that very clear. However, I think we were able to clarify some things which might at least point him a little further down the road. For instance, he pointed out that a person like him would not be welcome in church, and that Christians get into their little groups and keep to themselves. He is both correct and incorrect. I think he would be welcome in more churches than he suspects—not that he would be comfortable, but he would be welcome—however, I readily conceded the point about Christians mixing only with themselves. This is too often the case and it is sad and wrong. We should be in our community, mixing with and befriending everyone (to the extent that we can), invading bars and taking them over for Christ, and be willing and able to start relationships with whoever is willing to enter into one. God does not call us to change people and THEN enter into relationship with them. He calls us to enter into relationship and HE will take care of the change. It’s so sad that we screw up that part of it and let a lot of people go merrily into eternity and damnation without reaching out to them.


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