1 November 2009

We are officially controlled by Delta today, even though we’re not officially Delta yet. The A-320 pilots and control of trips has switched over to being controlled from Atlanta, rather than Minneapolis. This will produce some nice changes (long call reserve is better), and some not nice changes (pay cut for reserves).

I was on call most of the week, although I called in sick for 2 days when I got what turned out to be the 24 hour flu (including blowing chow which I rarely do…fun night). I did not get called in to work. I’m not sure what to expect from being controlled by Delta although there isn’t any open time between 2 and 5 November. Might be more sitting around for me. We shall see.
After swimming yesterday, I stopped by the library and then spent most of the rest of the day watching college football, including watching USC get their rear ends kicked by Oregon.
Church today, then maybe a nap, and then church again this evening. Matt off to work early and then I believe he’ll go to church as well. Ben to church and then work and then back to college. Kelly spent the night at the Dippolds. Our kids are growing up quickly meaning we’re slowly becoming empty-nesters. Slowly.
Praying a lot for Badger and Kristen as the financial situation with Campus Life is a little dicey. It is a good chance to refocus on the fact that God puts us in situations like that in order to get us to depend on him and learn to walk by faith and not by sight. It is not an easy lesson and one that we—as human as we are—are prone to forget.

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