23 October 2009

Up at 1.45 am…ugh. I got up to go to the restroom at about 1 am (12.57 to be exact) and Matt wasn’t home yet, which he should have been. He pulled in just as I was exiting the restroom. His late arrival got me thinking about the general direction of his life (or lack thereof) and before I knew it, sleep was out of the question. Got up. Did my devotions. Prayed. Practiced my sermon for Sunday. Roasted several batches of coffee. Pretty productive middle of the night, I guess. Too bad I won’ be able to function after about 10 a.m…

One positive side effect concerning thinking about Matt in the middle of the night is that it certainly gets one to one’s knees. That is actually a good thing. A God-given thing. I’m just like any other human being is, the better things go, the less I tend to rely on God. Difficult times create dependence, and dependence focuses us, again and again on God and his promises and his faithfulness and the necessity for prayer. Not that it makes things any easier, per se. Although refocusing on God and his promises and the efficacy of prayer, does tend to give one peace.
Thank you, O Lord, for peace in the midst of anxiety.

2 responses

  1. So very thankful you see the importance of prayer for our kids and continue to give me a great example to follow. "Swing low…" Heehee

  2. Sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home. Swing low…I got that, baby!

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