Scenes from Visiting California

A great demonstration of communication after 36 years of marriage. We pull into Mary’s house to drop her off. Mary: I think I forgot my key. She checks. She did. Mary: Where is Tim, he should be home by now. I would call him, but I don’t get any reception here. I give her my phone. She dials Tim. Mary: Tim, where are you. Tim: At the train station waiting to pick you up. Mary: Didn’t I tell you that John was going to drop me off? Tim: No. Mary: I must have told you. Tim: You didn’t.

Becky and Cherie are discussing why Kelly couldn’t come out with us. (She had to take the PSAT test). Cherie: Didn’t you take the PSAT? It’s the foundation for all college scholarships. Becky: No. I took the SAT and ACT, but no PSAT. Cherie: Are you sure? You probably can’t get a scholarship without taking it. Becky: Nope. No PSAT for me. Of course I am the only Davis kid who got no scholarship dollars at all. She stops for a minute. I’m also the only Davis kid to get fired from a volunteer job. But hey, I’m also the only Davis with a CIF ring. That pretty much trumps all that other stuff.

Junior says that after Katie marrying him, he’s not sure if Becky will ever get married because he has raised the bar too high for all the other guys out there. Junior: Katie married Thai Gold. (He flexes his muscles). Me: Isn’t Thai Gold a type of marijuana. Junior: No. It’s a type of opium. Alrighty then!

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