8 October 2009

Day number three of vacation, and how quickly it is going. It was kind of a busy day yesterday, although I really didn’t have much to get done. In the morning I practiced drums and then Lambertini came over for lunch as we started the book, One Heartbeat Away. Cherie and I went out on a date for dinner (Outback), then to Paneras for coffee and a crash course in using the iPhone applications. We came home and watched a surprisingly good Hallmark movie before going to bed. I ended up awake until midnight because I couldn’t sleep.

Kelly worked until about 8 p.m., and Nicole Confer came over and ate pancakes with Matt. Pretty normal day, I guess.
Today we go to Mitch McAllister’s funeral. Mitch was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease about 5 years ago. He just got through the earliest phase which is characterized by anger and mood swings. His wife found him when she arrived home, on the living room couch, dead. I have not heard how he died yet, although everyone suspects a heart attack. A death of natural causes would be a severe mercy from God, as C. S. Lewis once put it. Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease and early onset is perhaps the worst form because it lasts so long and is such an incredible burden on the caregivers. It was good of God to take Mitch home early. He was a follower of Christ. He is in heaven. We will see him again. May you rest in peace, Mitch McAllister, until Christ returns.

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