30 September 2009

A day of work. I was assigned a trip that left at 19.25, so I had most of the day off. Worked out in the morning (still have some tendinitis in my left knee) and then took a nap before heading down to DTW. DTW-LAX as a passenger (the airlines call it “deadheading.”). Ugh. I had an aisle seat, but it’s still crowded and miserable.

I did manage to get some study done on 1 Peter 3.1-6. I’m at the point where I look up the word meanings. One of the most fascinating things I found was in 1 Peter 3.3, where Peter tells wives not to concentrate on their external adornment, the word for adornment in the Greek is cosmos, which stands mainly for world—we get the word cosmology from the Greek. Huh? After a little digging, I discovered that the word means “to put in order,” or “to arrange,” and the Greeks took to calling the world, “the cosmos,” because (unlike modern man) they saw the careful order in it. Since putting on makeup and getting carefully dressed involves getting oneself in order, it’s easy to see how cosmos was used for adornment. Indeed, we get our word cosmetics from the greek word cosmos. Pretty cool, eh?

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