Typical Sunday

It was a typical Sunday yesterday, woke up, did my devotions, and then off to church. I missed Sunday school because I was on call and my phone does not get reception in the basement of the church. Home for lunch, then a nap, then read and watched football until it was time to go to church. Evening church where we commissioned Mike and Teresa Alchin for ministry at Barakel (and heard an excellent sermon on 2 Samuel 24. Then back home, a lot of reading, and bed. Unfortunately, I awoke at 4 am!

One note of interest from 2 Samuel 24. The parallel passage to this one (2 Chr 21.1) says that Satan incited David against Israel. Perhaps the easiest explanation of this discrepancy is that both statements are true. This would track with what we actually see happening in Job where God allows Satan to attack all that Job has, even his body, but not to kill Job. In this case God is responsible on one level and Satan on another. Satan could not have done what he did had God not allowed it.


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