Recovery Day

We took a rest day after our century on Thursday. I went out out to breakfast with Cherie (pancakes at Flapjacks, Dewitt). Then we ran some errands in town, then we had lunch with Matt at Applebees. A few more errands and then we went home. Cherie and I watched a couple of movies on Netflix and talked with Dakota when he got home from work and then off to bed for us.

Dakota was complaining about his upcoming geology trip to the UP—costs too much, mixing it up with everyone else, etc. We tried to point out (and I think Dakota understands), that God doesn’t waste situations like this. He put Dakota on the trip for a purpose, so, rather than complain about it, he ought to be asking, “Okay God, for what purpose did you send me on this trip?”
God’s ways are mysterious and he doesn’t always show us plainly what he is doing, but some guesses were: To force Dakota out of his comfort zone in regards to interacting with people (he’s a bit of an introvert…okay a lot of an introvert); to make him trust the Lord for money, rather than Krogers; to demonstrate Christ’s love by living it out for a weekend with people who are mostly strangers. The list can go on and on.
The point is this: When you are thrust into a situation that you do not want to be in, take it as God means it to be, an opportunity in some way. God never wastes incidents like this. He put you in it for a reason. Look for the opportunity that he is going to bring to grow you to be more like him, to grow you in service to him, to demonstrate his love, trust, dependence, etc. You get the idea.

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