Century #6

Cherie and I completed our 6th century of the year yesterday. We were going to follow the route of the “Middle of the Mitten” century, which starts in Midland, Michigan. The ride is on Saturday, but it is supposed to rain on Saturday, so we decided to do it on Thursday. The only problem was that we never did find, the stupid route!?! Fortunately, there is a gorgeous rails-to-trails bikeway, that goes from Midland to Clare. We took that to Clare, then rode further west for about 8 miles before turning around and having lunch at McDonalds in Clare. From that point we rode back toward Midland, with a 10 mile detour so we could get in the full century. I have tendinitis in my left knee and that started bothering me a lot on the ride back. With the help of ibuprofen, I made it, but it was a painful last 20 miles.

Cherie was bothered by allergies and said she didn’t feel too well coming back from Clare, but you couldn’t really tell it, she kept up, no problem and even took some turns pulling. We finished. It was a beautiful day, and a lot of fun.

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