5 September

103 miles from Lake City to Boyne City today. Gorgeous weather again. High about 79, very light winds.

We had one crash but no one was injured and we all finished with only a few cuts and bruises on Ed Sawyers’ body. We did a trip up “the wall,” then back down and up the alternate route then up the climb for tomorrow to Kathryn Hixson’s father’s house. Finally back down to Boyne City.

I had a flat at the high school. First change and the stem broke. Second change and the stem was leaking. Third change and it was fixed…until I discovered that the tire was warped. I had to buy a tire and change it a fourth time. Grr…

One funny incident; we were at the top of the hill out of Boyne City and here came Ed Sawyer up the hill past Boyne City. He asked, “where is the high school?” We answered, “back down the hill you just climbed!”

God gave us a great day and kept us safe during our crash. He also allowed me to get the flat after I arrived at the high school for the night.


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