3 September

Heading out on the first leg of DALMAC this morning. Laingsburg to Vestaburg. Should get in about 70 miles. Weather should be gorgeous, this is probably the best week of summer so far. Thank you, Lord! Experiencing a little bit of tendonitis in my left knee so we’ll see how it goes.

Slow day yesterday. Packed for DALMAC, took care of some bills. Dropped our stuff off at MSU so we could leave from here this morning. We are good to go…well, as good as we’re going to get anyway. Cherie’s foot is a problem. Who knows if she’ll be able to make it.
Whatever difficulty we may be facing is paltry compared to the Valley of the Shadow of death that Steve and Bonnie Opper are going through. She has leukemia; he has non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Both had chemo. Steve will have radiation. Bonnie will hopefully get a bone marrow transplant. Through it all (Steve discovered his cancer in the midst of Bonnie’s treatment) they have glorified God. Quite a testimony. I’m humbled by their demonstration of faith in a situation where it’s difficult to know what God is up to.

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