28 August

I have a nasty case of tendonitis in my knee brought on by my biking cleat being in the wrong position and riding a century last Saturday.  I may not be able to ride DALMAC which would be a serious bummer.  Oh well, I can’t do much about it but pray for healing and understand that God’s plan is best.  Cherie woke up with something bothering her foot that looks like a cyst or something right where she pedals.  She’s iffy for DALMAC as well.  If we make it, it will be God’s doing; if we don’t make it, that will also be God’s doing.

Speaking of Cherie, she had a horrible, no good, very bad, day yesterday.  She went to Urgent Care to have her foot checked out and ended up wasting a whole day for them to tell her that it wasn’t a blood clot.  All fine and dandy, but they don’t know exactly what it is, and certainly didn’t “fix” it.  Then she was driving home and got her first ticket ever!  At 52!  Not too bad considering, but she was a little down when she got home.  The weather did not help.  It’s been rainy and lousy for the past couple of days, as if we were in March or November instead of August.  Horrible summer here in Michigan.

I didn’t get much accomplished yesterday.  I ran 1.5 miles and my knee bothered me afterward from the tendonitis.  Then I pretty much read the rest of the day until Cherie got home; First Family by David Baldacci.  Pretty interesting book, not great, but a good story.

Off to Rodney, Michigan with the Youth Group this evening for a weekend of drawing closer as a group.  The weather won’t be great, but it should be fun anyway.

Senator Ted Kennedy died the day before yesterday.  He started out his political career as pro-life, but switched part way through and became a long time, and vocal supporter of abortion rights (I actually read a magazine article about the Kennedy family switch.  Fascinating.  Political expediency aided by a member of the Catholic clergy who “justified” abortion for them). At any rate, whatever else he accomplished in his political career, if one cannot find in one’s heart room to stand up for the weakest among us, the most disenfranchised, the one with the least powerful voice, then, in my view, whatever else one “accomplishes” for the neglected of society is of little worth.


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