16 August

Up at six.com! Just like the birds, except Cujo, he usually sleeps in until 9 am, or so. Devotions and then breakfast and eventually off to work for one day…maybe. I go out and back to Boston, but might have another trip tomorrow. We shall see.

I had an interesting discussion with Andy K. last night about devotions and getting into the Word. Using devotionals that other people have written is good, I use them sometimes myself. It’s just not the best way to do devotions. The best way is to get into the Scripture text and let the Holy Spirit bring it to bear on your heart. This way you are learning what the Holy Spirit is teaching you directly, rather than learning what the Holy Spirit was teaching someone else.

I compared it to a deer hunter who did nothing but read magazines and go to lectures about deer hunting. He would learn a lot, but one couldn’t really call him a true deer hunter unless he actually went out and hunted for himself. If he never actually goes hunting he will never experience the joy of the woods in the morning, and the sight of a buck poking his head through the woods, not to mention all of God’s great creation.

Get into the Scriptures for yourself! That is the best way to know God better.


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