14 August

Finished my trip yesterday. It wasn’t theoretically a long day, but since I woke up at 6.30 after less than 5 hours of sleep it seemed that way. At least we were on time.

Rarely does one get to experience the sun set twice in one day, but I did as we came out of BWI. We took off a few minutes after sunset and as we climbed it began to get lighter and lighter. At about 29,000 feet the sun peeked up over the horizon. It “rose” to almost halfway, then began to slowly sink again. It finally set for the second time over Ohio. Pretty cool to experience, and we had the benefit of flying directly towards it. Front row seats to the second sunset of the day. Not everyone can boast that they had THAT experience. God was good to do that for us!

Off to ride 100 miles with my wife. It’s going to be hot…and fun.


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