20 August

Home again, home again.  For a short time anyway.  I go back on call at 1700 today.  Pretty easy day yesterday, just LGA-MEM and then deadhead back to DTW.  Of course that didn’t keep me from being tired by the time I got home.  Took care of a few things, roasted some decaf (got some from Sweet Marias) and then to bed.  Kelly got home from Cedar Point at about 1 a.m. and came in and talked for a few minutes.  I guess she was supposed to be the ‘A’ driver for Badger and she slept all the way home until he turned onto Grand River with 3 miles to go.  Great ‘A’ driver!

Had a talk with M. when I got home about school.  What his motivations are in life, I do not pretend to know.  Definitely exasperating, but God has put him where he is and given him the character that he does for a reason.  I have to balance being a father and pushing him with allowing the Holy Spirit to work in his own time and way.  Requires patience and seeing things from God’s perspective.  Not easy as a parent at times.


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